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The inner solo

Some mullings inspired by attending the Ghazzali conference last weekend.
Ghazzali’s contribution was of double significance, one in the rational sphere of Islam, the other in the spiritual sphere.

I’ve been feeling jaded, the sense of having seen quite a bit, done quite a bit, known quite a few different types of people, yet still feeling unquenched, unsatisfied.

For the most part, it is insanity to try doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. Hence, to continue chasing the next ‘thing’ would be foolish.
The physical world must, by virtue of its finite-ness, disapppoint.

We can’t rely on anything in this world for happiness or strength.
We can’t depend on our occupations, for they are subject to cycles, reliant on other individuals. They will vary and if we base any sense of identity on them, any sense of self esteem, self worth, then this sense of identity and self worth, will also be in flux.

We can’t depend on friends or spouses because they are individuals in their own right, with their own quest, their own perspective. To try and forge any meaning of ourselves from them, or to make them our sole source of strength, is to intrude on their own quest. And to weaken our own capacity to be a source for them.
Of course of all the things in the world to draw from, people are of key importance, and its why we nurture relationships, but there must never be a fusion or dependence on others. There will always be a distance after some point.

We can’t rely on our rational mind only, because it varies as our experiences vary, as our exposure varies, as our thoughts evolve.

In seeking any strength, or any happiness, we can’t look to people, or things. We can only look to Him, who is constant, who is not derived from anything and is not subject to anything.
Where do we find Him? Everywhere.
Where do we start to look? Inside.

In a quest for He who is open ended, not bound by space, nor time, nor imagination, nor matter, we are essentially alone. A task as huge as this, a goal as awesome as this, an attempt to reach out to the Divine, in the hope that the attempt will allow us that He reaches down to us, is a solitary task.
Because to reach out to Him, we have to reach deep within ourselves. DEEP within ourSelves.And no matter what our relationship with others, that core of our being is impenetrable, it requires such intense effort to reach it ourselves, it is impossible for another to get close to it or assist it, or for us to do the same for another.

But then what is the task of a Sheikh? I would think only to guide you on how to reach into that core.Not by any means to accompany you to it.

In seeking what we wish God to be to us, we try and reflect that to others. We are seeking for that state of internal quiet, where all we hear is our heartbeat, Du DUFF, du DUFF, and all we feel is Peace…Peace…
In seeking that, we try to reflect that with others, where to others we only feel Peace…Peace…
And we seek people who guide us to that peace.With whom we create a space for that peace. A combination between the rational commonality and the inner peace.


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  1. Very thought provoking post.

    Comment by Hasina Suliman | May 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Cuz just before i got that question bout the sheikh…
    I think the role of the sheikh is to blog on your behalf…
    Thanks for blogging!

    Comment by Anonymous | October 14, 2009 | Reply

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