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Night is a whisper

Sleep is so good.
It’s a return to the womb.
Dark, warm, comfortable, protected, SILENT.
A very much appreciated shut down of the mind machine.
A silencing of the millions of thoughts: happiness, sadness, planning, obligation, guilt, aspiration, regret, frustration, confusion, computation, optimism, cynicism, scrutiny, vigilance, indecision, pleasure, pain.
A silencing of the mundane, the sublime, the pure, the corrupt.

We are * shut down *.

A pleasant mercy, a return to our first physical state. A 7 hour return to the womb.
Feeling drowsy…

<post indirectly motivated by Shafs note on power cuts>


June 15, 2009 Posted by | Uncategorized | 5 Comments

My afrikaans re-awakening.

Kop Skop
Spinnekoppe in my kop,
Skielik wil ek jou uitskop,
Maar tot daarop,
Weet dat ek hou dop.

(An afrikaans poem inspired in traffic, sorry Steve B, I was just surprised I could rhyme in Afrikaans)

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