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A salute, not a tribute

A friend of mine told me last night he wants to learn to play chess.
It was a long 30 minute drive home after that.

My late Uncle O taught me to play chess. I must have been 8, or 10, or somewhere there. It takes a special man to be willing to have the patience to teach a kid how to throw a ball, let alone chess.

He had this electronic chess board, the type that hot shot enthusiasts use to play against themselves.
So I now knew how to play chess, I whipped out his electronic board. I broke his electronic board.I tried to unbreak his electronic board, which obviously meant I broke it more.

Of course he discovered it, of course he knew it was me.He never mentioned it.

That’s grace in teaching me. That’s style in never mentioning the spilt milk. That’s the kind of echoing score that wins you prayers long after you’re gone.

I’m sure there was plenty else like that, but this one I remember.


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