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Theres a word in Memon, “Goriyo”,(pronounced Gore, Ri, Yoh) taught to me by a friend, Kabir. More or less means ” To hell with it”, implying, “Agh, let it go”.
Words are odd, somehow summarising that phrase, that concept, into one word makes it more powerful.

You lose something, Goriyo.(let it go).
You fail at something, Goriyo.(let it go).
Someone annoys you about something, Goriyo.(let it go).

Its fairly easy on the small stuff, but on the bigger happenings in life, submitting to Divine Decree when it clashes with personal preference, planning, pondering’s, isn’t so easy. But we assume that by exercising it on the small stuff, perhaps we’ll expand our capacity to apply it to the big whacks.

A friend of a friend had a similar mechanism, he said that whenever his wife or mother or some other authority figure busted his chops about something, he put it in a box. The “F*@! it Box”.
Same concept.

I guess it ties in strongly with the ayah: Innalillahi wa Innailayhi Raji ‘oon.
“To God we belong and to him we return”, everything between birth and this eventual, certain event, we should try and treat lightly.Goriyo.Let it go.

Al Pacino said something similar in his closing scene in Devils Advocate, he said “Guilt is like a bag of bricks, you just got to let it down”.
I disagree, I think some forms of guilt are good, to hold close, to keep you vigilant and humble and therefore steady/sober.
But the concept, of some things being like bags of bricks you carry around with you, is powerful.
You just have to reach a point where you can say “Goriyo”, more than say it, feel it.

As usual, as I type this I’m formulating counter arguments against this.
There is plenty you should not just “let go”.
But you’re all a smart bunch, you’ll draw your own lines. There are some things you should chip away at, be it inch by inch or boulder by boulder.Where you can, you must. But always keep in mind, that once the battle is done, the dust is settled, if you find yourself on an empty field at that point, after putting all the lessons in your pocket, after blue printing the platform for the next plan, take the loss and throw it in into the wind. Goriyo.

Now, I must be quite Frank, or Earnest, or both, and say that I don’t do this Goriyo thing all that well.
On the small stuff I’m ok, but on the big ones, shucks, theres still a long way to go.A lot of it just turns into a mental ricochet, a ricochet that bounces off spiralled walls.

But perhaps some day, I’ll be better at it.


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