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LULA DA SILVA,28804,1984685_1984864,00.html#ixzz0rVwGIo6U

Anyone who is able to make people “check the fuel gauge on their private jets” is a maximum powerful guy.

Added to that, he ran for President THREE times before winning, thats determination. He quit school in the fourth grade and now presides (for his second term) over one of the world’s most powerful emerging economies. And that beard obviously makes him a more serious cat in my eyes.

WANG ACER,28804,1984685_1984864_1985425,00.html

“When Wang became top executive in 2005, it ranked fifth in the global PC market. Acer has since stormed up the charts to No. 2, with more than 14% of the market, ahead of Dell and behind only HP.”

You haven’t heard his name, but Steve Jobs is your guru. And Bill Gates. And Michael Dell. What computer are you using? There are real Tigers in the east that have given us a lot but there’s less of the individual spotlight.

SARAH PALIN,28804,1984685_1984864_1984871,00.html
I don’t know anything about internal USA politics (except to know that if I see guys in bedsheets, I should run), but this woman’s name keeps coming up. And those capped teeth and way expensive wardrobe just shows that “she does what she does like she’s doing it for TV!”

TIDJANI THIAM,28804,1984685_1984864_1985413,00.html
This guy is to the corporate world like all those soccer players are to soccer.
A West African export who done good in the West.

RECCEP ERDOGAN,28804,1984685_1984864_1985464,00.html
Before they realised they were bankrupt, the EU barred Turkey from joining them. Talk about a healthy rejection….
Erdogan is described as an Islamist, but he rules over a secular state. To manage that apparent contradiction surely requires a very refined character, strategy and force. Not to mention a deep patience and extreme professionalism.
For the serious dames out there, this guy is definitely GQ.


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TIME 100

Time Magazine does a list of the top 100 people “who most affect our lives” every year. I’ve been reading those lists for too many years. Since I was 15. At 15 you haven’t yet failed Financial Accounting, or filled out a blank timesheet. Or realised that you should-have to pay your taxes. So naturally I used to read those lists with aspiration. These days, I just read them with appreciation.

Of COURSE the list is shallow, USA biased, not only in terms of the candidates, but the criteria and motivations too. Of COURSE it doesn’t MEAN much, and ignores very real problems.

But the people on those lists are interesting.

I’ve picked a few from this year’s list that I found quite cool, and will add a caption about why I thought so in posts to come.

This list is like listening to TED talks, gets you starry-eyed for just slightly longer than it usually takes you to find some other article/web link to switch to.

Much more entertaining than the list, is Joel Stein’s editorial in the same edition on the least influential 100 people in the world:

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