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SUB *conscious*

It’s a popular term: Subconscious.
It’s a freaky concept.Sub (under) Conscious (awareness).

It’s almost an oxymoron. If something is BELOW our consciousness, how can it ever be a part of it. We can’t be held responsible for it. Does it even exist until it manifests itself? If it doesn’t, then at the point it manifests itself is the point at which it becomes consciousness.
This isn’t mere semantics, I’m basing it on the way I use the term, and have heard the term used.

I just find it very unsettling that my mind is off doing things without letting me know about it, leaving me to deal with its consequences without being either responsible for its roots, or aware of its remedy.

I wish it would just speak up, let itself be known. (or do I SUB—-CONSCIOUSLY want it to remain elusive, so I can always wonder? I wonder….)
I think the concept is a tidy to way to explain away our shortcomings. I like it.

I Googled it, to make sure I wasn’t making any obvious, stupid error in this, which I am prone to do, more than prone, predisposed even. (see theres my subconscious, subconsciously I WANT to make stupid errors to validate this claim of my clumsiness, and to invite comment)
Old Freud seemed to agree that it was abused:

“If someone talks of subconsciousness, I cannot tell whether he means the term topographically — to indicate something lying in the mind beneath consciousness — or qualitatively — to indicate another consciousness, a subterranean one, as it were. He is probably not clear about any of it. The only trustworthy antithesis is between conscious and unconscious.”

So when I make errors, or realise too late the things I want or need, or don’t, I can just fall back and pin it on a reason related to poor communication from the sub-conscious.

But what if it DOES exist, and it IS real, then its of key importance that I knock that damn door down and access it before future mistakes, delays.

This isn’t a psych essay, I don’t know where dreams come from (answer to Shafinaaz).

There’s definately something beyond our immediate perception, something internal, but it sure is a major bummer if its so important yet remains hidden.


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