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Feedback Loops

I was chatting to a friend recently about “tough times” in life. Moments or periods of sadness, pain, despair, loss.
As I chatted to him I recalled a concept from High School Biology, the bodies feedback loop to maintain chemical equilibrium. ( Concept of feedback loops is widely used in different contexts).

There are two types of feedback loops, Positive Feedback Loop (PFL) and Negative Feedback Loop(NFL).

PFL causes an affirming reaction to the feedback it receives, so for eg, woman in labor, they start contracting, a message is sent to the glands that there are contractions, and the brain sends the message to the respective gland to ask it to produce more of the hormone that supports cramping.

A NFL works the opposite way, the body asks the respective gland to produce less of a chemical or enzyme in response to this.

So in the broad context of life, I think God subjects us to Feedback Loops too if we are lucky. I think that the difficulty is God’s way of telling us to return to Him and His way, and to seek His closeness.
It is the turmoil that brings us to awareness of our vulnerability. The feedback of things going wrong should tell us to turn back to God, because no one else has the ability to assist. By turning back to God, we bring ourselves closer to having that pain and despair being solved.A positive negative feedback loop.


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