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The long shot.

I have always pushed the long shot. I have always reasoned that fate has shown me a path, and fate will decide its end, but its for me to persist along it.
If fate has decided it not to be, then such it is, but so long as the path is open, I PUSH on. To be able to walk off with no regrets. Disappointment for sure, but I don’t like the regret of thinking what if I had…?

There’s rarely something you think is really good for you, or that you really want and when those things come along, I labor hard.I believe inclination is Guided Intuition.Guided by Him.
If fate fails it, I have only lost an effort, and am in the same position. If I dont push on the path, I have failed it.
(Would fate have failed or assisted me if I had done nothing? Too deep and circular an argument for me).

I know I like the freedom that comes from knowing you have gone the last mile. Fate has assisted me on too many a long shot for me to ever hesitate pursuing something that seems to be Good. I believe intuition is Guided Intuition. Guided by Him.
The logic is standard, you don’t try and either you win or lose, more often you seem to lose with no try.
You do try, and fail. You have only lost effort, but bought freedom from the What If?

But logic aside, when you think you need to graduate, or you think a person is worth the pursuit, or you think you need to get into a program, on one of those rare occasions when you think you KNOW, and you definitely FEEL, you have no choice, you can’t help giving it your all. You just can’t help it.I believe inclination is Guided Intuition.Guided by Him.

Last week I gave 4 separate people the advice to be bold, and chase, and crawl. (BTW, only 2 involved a pursuit of an opposite sex).

It is an ethos I believe in. The long shot, to try what fate has shown you, and to honor your sense of Know & Feel.I believe inclination is Guided Intuition.Guided by Him.He in whom we Trust, who’s guidance and companionship and protection we beg for.


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