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Tala’al-Badru ‘alaynâ

This song has always been a favourite of mine. Not so much because of its tune, but rather because of what was meant when it was sung.

This was a song sung by the citizens of Medina when the Prophet (pbuh) first arrived in Medina from Mecca on the Hijrah. A song of welcome sung from the rooftops.
He had just left his home, his clan, his old friends. He had been forced to flee for no reason other than proclaiming truth, embarking on a mission of pure righteousness.

Pursued across the desert, he arrived at this new city. A refuge not so much for him personally, but a refuge for his message and his larger-than-life mission.
I can’t imagine the comfort that these words must brought after all the peril, all the heartbreak. A wonderful and most historic moment, the entering of the city. This song, and the Hijrah, are very compelling reminders of the great importance of hospitality, which is enjoined in Islam. It is said in a hadith: “Let he who believes in Allah and the last day honour his guest…”

It is also a reminder of the importance of supporting truth.
But mostly it is moving because of the tender connection created by this refuge, and the enduring status of the city of Medina as a city of peace.

Tala’al-Badru ‘alaynâ,
min thaniyyatil-Wadâ’
wajaba al-shukru ‘alaynâ,
mâ da’â lillâhi dâ’

O the White Moon rose over us
From the Valley of Wada’
And we owe it to show gratefulness
Where the call is to Allah

Ayyuha al-mab’ûthu finâ
ji’ta bi-al-amri al-mutâ’
Ji’ta sharrafta al Madînah
marhaban yâ khayra dâ’

O you who were raised amongst us
coming with a word to be obeyed
You have brought to this city nobleness
Welcome! best caller to God’s way

Tala’al-Badru ‘alaynâ,
min thaniyyatil-Wadâ’
wajaba al-shukru ‘alaynâ,
mâ da’â lillâhi dâ’


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