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Ramadan is a month of self-reflection and reconnecting. Reconnecting with our Creator foremost, our own ‘self’, our families, our identity, our community, our friends and in the process our ideals as well. Ideals framed by our religion, Islam.
Being a part of this religion imposes an obligation upon us, it being a trust from God.

Allah tells us in the Quran:
“You are the best of communities brought forth for mankind.” Quran (3:110)
Not doing our very best to live according to our Islamic values would mean us betraying not only ourselves, but the world around us as well. This duty to propagate a message would apply to any individual who is sincere in their belief in a set of values which they hold to be beneficial, and therefore applies to all people with a consciousness
of and a desire for a better world to live in.

Like every other ambition, influencing the world we live
in requires a deliberate, concerted effort. It is not only in grand
gestures that these efforts can be enacted. Within all of
our individual routines and social circles, there lies the opportunity
to be a positive influence. Perhaps the most important method is the
one we should assume to be the most natural, living these values
personally. If a person cannot be persuaded by actions they are
unlikely to be persuaded by words.

In being deliberate in our efforts to improve the context we
live in, we need to increase our levels of being pro-active and
constantly vigilant about opportunities that we may create to this
end. If there is any kind of committee at our workplace, or schools, we
should aim to be on it.
If there is an opportunity to deliver a speech at a function at work,
or University, we should be the first to deliver it. Neighborhood safety patrols, any platform involving the chance to influence our environment.
Our presence on these platforms would give us the opportunity to imprint on
it the deep moral values that form our identity. The communication of these
values may not always be overt, but their influence should always be
We don’t always need elaborate structures, complex methodologies, only a
real desire to improve what we see around us.

The Prophet (SAW) advised us: “If any of you sees an evil action, let
him change it with his hand, if not his hand, then let him speak out
against it, if not speak then at least let him feel it to be wrong in
his heart, and this is the lowest level of faith.”

Islam has many prominent and competent representatives in a wide variety of fields, political, humanitarian, commercial, scientific, but every individual Muslim represents an opportunity for even greater representation. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence that holds many of us back, a lack of conviction in either the values we claim to believe in, or rather a lack of confidence in our ability to communicate these
values. Overcoming the former is a matter of self-reflection and
education, the latter is a fear that can be conquered by harvesting an
awareness that Allah is our Helper, as stated in a Hadith:
“God will continue to assist the servant, as long as the servant is
assisting his brother”.
Don’t be anxious, be courageous.

As often as I hear people complain about the failures of our
particular society; crime, corruption, poverty, I cringe, recalling
the phrase “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail, is for good
people to do nothing”.

Mankind is always receptive, on the whole, to a message of upliftment
and improvement.

Whatever efforts we pursue, let us never forget that we do say in acknowledgement of the Unity and Supremacy of Allah.

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is
good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong: they are
the ones to attain success.” Quran (3-104)

Ramadan Mubarak.


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