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Urban monk

You’ve all seen them in movies, the Buddhist monks who sit in deep meditation in sub-zero temperatures with only a single cloth covering them, regulating their temperature by controlling their brain.
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And of course there was that Roald Dahl book where the little girl could move things with her eyes, which caused many of us an eye-ache.

Well, I’ve mastered the urban equivalent of the monks meditation. Most cars “these days ” have a deliberately annoying beep that sounds until you put on your seatbelt.
It starts off slow and gentle, a reminder, it increases to an admonition, then it goes crazy. BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP, like the engines going to bloody fall out if you don’t do something. THEN it stops.
I have, through training and discipline managed to shut out the noise. I dont hear the beeps. I dont feel the pressure.

I am The Urban Monk.

I haven’t reached Master stage though, which is to be able to withstand the whining of the passenger next to you who hasn’t yet mastered the silence. The passenger who joins the BeeP in aggravating you to shut the beep up.BEEEEEEEEEEEP is what I say to that.

(It was only for the purposes of training that I learnt to cut out the noise, not wearing a seatbelt is very very stupid. I always wear my belt for distances greater than 5kms, front seat or back. “They” say 63% of people who die in accidents aren’t wearing their belts.)

On Buddhism:

Lots of parallels between Buddhism and Sufism.


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